SRF Industry Luminaire Project, Indore



Units fixed

3194 Luminaires

Bajaj Electricals managed the entire project from commissioning to execution, providing hands on support wherever required to complete the project successfully within the set timelines.

The Challenge

SRF Industries is one of the largest manufacturer of BOPET and BOPP polypropylene films. It decided to set up its plant in the industrial hub of Indore in the 8-acre area. Bajaj Electricals was competing against other big names in the luminaire business for the project. The customer had certain requirements that needed to be met. Technical superiority was another aspect that needed to be substantiated. The team of experts in Bajaj ensured that all conditions were met and proved their capability over other competitors as well to execute the project successfully.

The Solution

The team of Bajaj Electricals did a complete analysis of the area, understood the lux-level requirement for every location, did the testing and recommended the below-mentioned product range that met both the criteria of quality and pricing.

  • Duranto 80 W: 430 Nos.
  • Duranto 100 W: 280 Nos.
  • Cosmos 80 W: 630 Nos.
  • Cosmos 100 W: 330 Nos.
  • BIPC 40 W LED: 860 Nos.
  • ArmStrome 36 W: 664 Nos.

How We Did It

Bajaj Electricals started working on this project from the initial stage and kept meeting the client and the consultant for sharing the plans and strategy for the project. The team installed five products for two weeks to ensure that proper approvals were in place and the customer was convinced about the quality of the products. This was done by making sure that demonstrations were provided to the consultants on a regular basis, wherein the features of the products as well as the performances were highlighted.  

Furthermore, Bajaj ensured that the following parameters were met during the project:

  1. Timely response and strategy implementation as per the customer requirement and project urgency
  2. Aggressive support on products and prices
  3. Regular visits of RM and product manager with the team

The customer was satisfied about the performance of the BEL team and the successful completion of the project. Based on its success, Bajaj Electricals also got another project under SRF industries for LEDfication.