• Saravana Stores

Saravana Stores - Case Study

The Challenge

Having understood their requirement, our lighting design team had the herculean task of recommending a product which could match their existing solution which had conventional fixtures. We strived to provide a LED based solution that would not trade off with their lux level and aesthetics in fact would better those. Thus our challenges were:
• Meeting delivery deadline for inauguration of new store at T Nagar within 45 days
• Developing products to match lighting theme
• Reduce light energy consumption
• Maintain illumination level consistent throughout the store with requirement of the application
• In environment like retail store maintain lux level along with aesthetic level

The Solution

We recommended LED luminaries that had the following selection criteria:
• Longer Life
• Low Glare
• Aesthetic Look
• Energy Efficient
• Minimum Rs/SFT ratio for energy consumption (OPEX)
• Effective retail lighting mood keeping in mind minimum initial Cost ( CAPEX )

What we achieved

• We proposed solution to replace 70W CDMT to Lesser Wattage
• With our products Dollops & Klass of good technical specifications, high lumen package & high heat sinking capacity we provided an excellent replacement of 70W CDMT in lower wattage with a higher performance product
• Lux level achieved of 1500 lux
• Successfully delivered within 45 days