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Human ResourceOrganization Culture

Organization Culture

A Large Family

We consider ourselves as part of a big family. We should strengthen this feeling further by providing leadership which will generate enthusiasm at all levels and bring us still closer.

Basic Trust in People

We have basic trust in people. We strongly believe that in general people are good. So we should foster a spirit of co-operation between individuals and groups with trust and understanding, whether it is a colleague or a dealer or a vendor.

Each Employee Likes to Contribute

We believe that, given a chance, each person is capable of contributing and would like to contribute to the growth of the organization. A sense of self discipline is to be inculcated which makes an individual do what is expected of him. The climate in which these objectives shall be pursued will be openness that will encourage the exercise of initiative, enterprise and creativity.

Pride in Company and Products

We must develop a sense of belonging to the company and take pride in the company’s products and services. People at all levels should derive satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from their involvement and participation in the work. We must attempt to combine the accountability, flexibility and freedom which are characteristics of a family with the strength of a large organization.

Information in Behavior and Communication

Though relationships should be built on the basis of mutual respect, there is no need for formal approach to one’s behavior and communication. There should be a sense of camaraderie and friendship rather than a sense of awe when dealing with one’s superior or colleague. Communication channels should be open at all levels and hierarchical barriers should not come in the way of this informality.

Promotions From Within – Training and Career Planning

Opportunities should be provided within the organization for advancement. For this, individual initiative, ability and accomplishment have to be encouraged. All employees should be offered appropriate opportunities to improve their skills and capabilities and prepare themselves for more responsible jobs. The company will make known to every one in the organization such career paths as are open within the various functions and by moving him from one function to another, together with the experience or qualification appropriate to each successive level. We should aim for the fulfillment of employees’ potential within the framework of available opportunities, by the use of structured succession planning, career planning and analysis of performance and training needs.

Healthy Working Environment

Quality of a working life should be maintained through a physical environment which is healthy, safe, comfortable and pleasant. Also, a useful range of employee service atmosphere should be promoted as it would enhance self respect.

Top Management to Set Example

Top Management and Senior Managers are expected to set an example for what they expect from their subordinates. It is an established fact that if we want our subordinates to behave in a particular way, we should do so ourselves in the first place.

Top Management – Fair and Firm

Each employee should feel assured that if he is wronged he has access to the Top Management and that a genuine grievance will be redressed. Also that the Management will not yield to a wrong action under pressure; but if the management happens to err, they have the strength to accept the fault and correct their mistakes. No compromise on Honesty and Integrity can be made.

Top Management – Visible and Accessible

The organization structure has been clearly defined and is visible. People, therefore, can understand their own roles as also the interaction with those with whom they have staff, line or service relationship.

Values of Top Management Becomes Values of All Employees

Values of Top Management should be known to all employees and it is hoped that the employees will also imbibe and follow similar values.

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