Mumbai Street Lighting


Luminaire Street Lighting

Units fixed

2800 luminaires


50% energy saving

Bajaj Electricals managed to retain the aesthetics of Mumbai’s streets, while delivering more than
50% Energy Savings
over conventional HPSV street lights.

The Challenge

Last year a decision was taken to install LED street lights based on Central Government’s mandate of shifting to energy saving products. Further to this, it was also collectively decided by the Civic Officials that wherever there were yellow streetlights, Warm White LEDs will be installed and cool white LEDs will be replaced (Nearly 90 per cent of street lamps in the city are yellow. (HPSV). Bajaj Electricals had to pertain to this new regulation, while effectively lighting up different parts of Mumbai city.

New technology, new product but same lighting experience and feeling

The Solution

Bajaj’s EDGE Warm White lighting was installed city roads of Mumbai. Installation of Warm LEDs ensured that the aesthetic beauty of the city was maintained, and at the same time a significantly better light source was provided. 
The human-centric lighting ensured that there was improved productivity and visual acuity. Also, the colour temperature made sure that there is less stimulation to the brain, making it better for a person’s sleep pattern. Other such important benefits that resulted from installation of Warm LEDs by BEL are: 

• Energy savings of more than 50% achieved over conventional HPSV street lights
• Total cost of ownership is less, as the LED products are maintenance free 
• Newly installed products will pay for themselves, since the ROI is less than one and a half years 
• Savings in terms of manpower used for maintaining the infrastructure, as the products have longer life span of close to 10 years
• Better illumination and uniformly lit roads 
• More livable city with better safety and security for citizens, drivers and pedestrians 
• Environment friendly lights with protection to ecosystem and wildlife
• Reduced light pollution over Mumbai with dark sky compliant products
• Making the city more aesthetically sound, smart and welcoming thus attracting more tourists 

How We Did It

Bajaj’s team of experts presented numerous calculations and comparative analysis to showcase the reasoning behind their plan. Meetings were conducted for technical knowhow on LED and benefits of using LED over conventional HPSV along with pay back calculations. Lighting audit was conducted at various roads of Mumbai and the information was gathered with regards to the type of street light, wattages, current lighting levels achieved, pole height and road width etc.
Bajaj Luminaires team also shared design solutions for various roads with remarkable increase in illumination levels basis the audit report. Once the design was approved, samples were submitted to check the illumination levels and get confirmation on electrical and photometric calculations. 
After all the backend paper work was done, street lighting specifications were shared and tender was approved for Bajaj Electricals.

In the end, the Bajaj Electricals team fully complied with the set standards and regulations to ensure that energy-saving Warm LED lighting was implemented. This move not only retained the aesthetic beauty of the city but also ensured energy efficiency and better illumination.