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Fire Detection and Special Fire Systems


Securiton AG belongs to the Swiss Securitas Group and has been entirely at the service of technical security since its founding in 1948. With its pioneering spirit and far-sighted approach it has, over the past half-century, developed into an acknowledged specialist for high-standard safety. Many years of partnership-based co-operation with customers, consultants, official bodies and authorities are proof of the confidence in comprehensive know-how and quality.

Securiton operates worldwide and is Switzerland’s market leader in the safety sector. Today Securiton plans, installs and maintains systems for high-safety areas, trade, industry, administration as well as private and commercial premises - both in Switzerland and world-wide. This is an exclusive tie-up with Bajaj Electricals to market Securiton products in India, Srilanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

System Architecture

System Architecture

Salient Features : Fire Detection and Alarm System
Salient Features 6
  • The SecuriFire 3000 fire alarm control panel is suitable for connecting up to 16 addressable loops with up to 250 devices per loop.
  • Modular 100% fully redundant at loop card level, fire alarm control panel with up to 16 loops
  • 5.7’’ TFT color display for displaying all system states in plain text
  • Intuitive operation thanks to integrated or remote SecuriFire MIC
  • Easy to use planning and commissioning tools

Salient Features 7
  • Depending on need and application, the detector can be implemented as smoke, temperature or combined detector and is programmed system-specifically and set for its area of use.
  • Multi-detector and multi-zone dependencies are programmable.
  • Subsequent additions to a detection zone are easy to implement and do not result in address changes or re-programming of other detectors.
  • Each detector has an inbuilt fault isolator.
  • Available in 10 RAL colours.

Salient Features 8
Manual Call Point
  • It is tested and approved in compliance with EN 54-11; the MCP is a type A (direct triggering) device.
  • It is available in red and other colors and designs (protection class etc.).

Hooter cum Flasher
  • It is a loop powered hooter cum flasher which can be connected directly to the fire detector line along with other participants, including detectors and manual call points.
  • Available in red and white colors.

Salient Features : Special Fire Systems

SecuriRas ASD 535 - the ultra-sensitive guardian

The ASD 535 aspirating smoke detector consists of one or two independent sampling pipes, each having one or more sampling apertures and a sampling chamber. The air of the space being monitored is sucked in for precise analysis by the scattered-light smoke detector located in the sampling chamber. If it detects smoke particles beyond a preset threshold, it triggers an immediate alarm, allowing the fire brigade to deal with the fire before it has time to break out.

SecuriSens MHD 535 - fast, precise and flexible

Inside its heat measurement cable is a multitude of highly sensitive sensors which signal any notable temperature rises and any increases in infrared radiation to the cable terminal processor with lightning-fast accuracy. The response behaviour of each of these sensors can be programmed individually. This means it adapts perfectly to its environment and supplies extremely accurate data to the system. Alarms can be located with great precision.

Temperature ranges of between –55 oC and +125oC, 100% relative humidity: even under extreme conditions the SecuriSens MHD 535 linear heat detector goes about its duties with complete reliability.

The sensor cable, with a maximum length of 2000m, is installed as a stub line.

SecuriSens ADW - No limits to effective fire protection

Corrosive gases, extreme humidity, high temperatures and polluted air entail difficult operating conditions for reliable fire detection. Linear heat detectors are based on the physical principle that, for a given volume, the pressure of a gas changes whenever its temperature changes. Over a distance of approx. 100 m a copper sensor tube monitors the ambient temperature. A fire source will heat up the sensor tube locally and with it, the air it contains.

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