• Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

The Challenge

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories in
Hyderabad decided to invest in LED Luminaires against the conventional ones. Their main considerations were the budget and ROI, as the investment required would be almost 2.5 times to the conventional. Also, maintaining of illumination level to an average of 300 lux level was another aspect they wanted to have. Considering the requirements, Bajaj Electricals was brought in to execute the project. BEL was given target of achieving more than 50% savings and 24-month ROI with an average lux level of 300 with the following reports:

  • Design Report
  • Comparison – LED V/s CFL
  • ROI Working

Bajaj guaranteed the client that it would ensure minimum 50% saving, ROI within 18 months and average of 300 lux level with three more free years of maintenance. It also offered a light audit to confirm that the assurances are met.

The Solution

Bajaj’s team of experts presented numerous calculations and analyses to the client to showcase the reasoning behind the plan. Few of the analyses shared were:

  • Comparison Calculation of Existing Versus New Offering by Bajaj
  • LED Versus Conventional CFL Luminaire
  • Payback Calculations

Annual savings in electricity, annual savings in replacement cost as well as payback calculation over the years were highlighted to the client through these analyses. Design results for rooms were shared with the client for further clarity. Also, recommendation of Bajaj Pristine Clean Room LED 60W (BPRR 60W LED) was made against Conventional 3 x 36W CFL Top Opening Clean Roon Luminaire.

The Outcome

Overall results delivered by BEL:

  • No of Units Used : 686 Nos.
  • Average Lux Level : >300lux
  • Uniformity : >60%
  • ROI : 1 year
  • Energy Savings : 50%

Overall plant illumination was satisfactory with good uniformity. User team appreciated the overall outcome as well as the comfortable working ambience. The technical team was happy with customised design products offered by Bajaj, keeping in mind the project time guidelines and the clean room classifications. Project team happy with product, product finish, ROI and total commercial package offered